This is Freestyle Football - Super Ball 2018 (SB 2019 trailer)

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Hope you guys are as excited as I am for this beast of an event, happening in nothing more than 2 days from the moment I upload this. This edit was seriously challenging for me to pull out from out nowhere in less than a week, having no experience whatsoever in the use of Adobe Premiere Pro editing software (had to learn everything on the spot in like a week quite literally), but I still wanted to make something out of the astonishing amount of footage that I still had left from the phone I filmed with during summer 2018. Simply because with time flying by, I sincerely felt like those precious and incredible moments I had been able to capture even with that tiny phone camera were all going to waste in the end. I truely wanted to be able to hype people up about that incredible week, so indeed, with Super Ball wich was coming in a few days (well, a week more precisely), and with the encouragements of a truely dear freestyle homie, I decided to simply go for it and see where I could reach with that. With all that said, I hope you enjoy my attempt of summarizing what Freestyle Football and Super Ball are all about.

See you guys tomorrow !
Футбол 2018

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