The Original Boombox April’s High-End Football Box Break - 2 KABOOMS! INSANE MUST-SEE BOX!

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It’s the start of the month, so I have another High-End Football Boombox! This is for the month of April. There are $100, $50, and $30 options available. This is the $50 version. It guarantees 6-10 NFL Hobby Packs (no college products!) along with a mag! WE DID AMAZING THIS MONTH! WHAT ARE THE ODDS??!

Check out their website:

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Stay tuned for many more box breaks / IRL pack openings! I’ll have 2018-19 Panini Status Basketball, 2018 Panini Honors Football, 2019 Bowman Baseball (not sure if it’ll be Hobby or Jumbo HTA), 2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Collegiate Football, May’s Football and Basketball High-End Boomboxes, April’s Brothers In Cards Gold Football Box, some sick mail days, and much more in the near future! Like, comment, subscribe, and thanks for watching!
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